Pages – Admin Dashboard Template Free Download

Pages Admin Dashboard Template Free Download

Pages – Admin Template Free Download

Pages Admin Dashboard Template Free Download for your site. It is a simplest and fastest way to build web UI for your dashboard or app. This beautifully designed template comes with beautifully-designed UI Framework with hundreds of customizable features. There are different layouts and you can select any layout of your choice for your website. You can download free Pages Admin Dashboard Template from our website crackall.

Admin Template Free Download
Admin Template Free Download
Free Admin Template Download
Free Admin Template Download
admin page template
admin page template
Admin Dashboard Template Nulled Free
Admin Dashboard Template Nulled Free

Full Features List of Pages – Admin Dashboard Template Nulled

  1. Clean, Intuitive and Fully Responsive Unique Design (works on all major browsers, tablets and phones)
  2. Developer Friendly Code
  3. Angular 5+ Ready
  4. Bootstrap 4 Framework
  5. jQuery 3.2.1
  6. 6 Color Themes
  7. Full SASS Support
  8. Full RTL Support
  9. OS supported Hinted Typography
  10. Language Switch Bar
  11. Quick layout Builder
  12. 5 Useful dashboard Layouts
  13. Pages condensed.
  14. One of our most popular Layouts, Pages Condensed offers a wide range of responsive space specifically for dashboards with heavy content.

Pages casual.

  • A new tone of voice – a relaxed, friendly, joyful layout that quickly makes the user experience more personal, casual and fun!.
  • Pages corporate.
    • Corporate is a bold, cool Layout that elevates your content by utilizing a clean layout and a simple, open interface.
  • Simply white.
    • In a world of complexity, Simplicity defeats stress. Simply white is an open simple, minimal yet striking layout, built to combat stress.

Pages Executive.

  • A Professional template with a timeless look, best suited to quickly create a serious organized experience.
  • UI Features
    • OS Compatible Typography.
    • Custom Buttons
    • Font Awesome Icons(Font Awesome v3.2.0)
    • Charts – NVD3, Rickshaw,Sparkline
    • Synching Colors
    • Animated Notifications
    • Modals
    • Custom Progress & Activity
    • Custom Tabs & accordians
    • Custom Toggle Buttons(Bootstrap Toggle Buttons)
    • Sliders
    • Tree View
    • Nestable
    • UI Widgets
    • Integrated Nestable Lists(jQuery Nestable)
    • Ion Range Sliders
    • NoUI Range Sliders
    • Pages progress bar & Bootstrap progress
    • Tag Input(jQuery Tags Input)
    • Pages Styled Tables
    • Stripped Tables
    • Condensed Tables
    • Detail view collapsible Tables
  • Form Stuff
    • Pages Styled traditional and contemporary forms
    • Advance Form Layouts(2 Columns, Attached forms, Row Separated, Labeled forms)
    • Advance Form Validation
    • Form Wizard
    • Multiple File Upload
    • Dropzone File Upload
    • Form Components
      • Date Picker(Bootstrap Date Picker)
      • Time Picker(Bootstrap Time Picker)
      • Date Range Picker(Bootstrap Date Range Picker)
      • Select 2 Dropdowns
      • Custom radio Button
      • Checkbox
      • Custom Select Dropdown(Pages Exclusive)
      • Multiple Select
      • Ios Switchery
      • Input autonumeric
      • Input Masks
      • Tags Input
      • Integrated WYSIWYG Editor
    • Pages
      • Dashboard Page
      • 404 Page
      • 500 Page
      • Invoice
      • Gallery
      • Login
      • Pages style Timeline
      • Register
      • Lock Screen
      • Google maps
      • Vector maps
      • Email page
      • Socail page
      • Portlets page
      • Data Tables
      • Basic Tables
    • Pages Calendar
      • Pages Exclusive Calendar
        • Multiple Views – Month, week, Day
        • 70 Language Support
        • Create custom events
        • Lazy Loading
        • RTL Layout

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